Kindergarten BabyApes


Kindergarten BabyApes (KBA) is a collection of 10 000 BabyApes living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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The story of KBA begins with the parents leaving their children, to a place where friendship, learning and childish games take place - The Kindergarten. The project will not only make a difference in the digital space... We are working to make an impact in the real world by building schools for children in need. We have already funded building TWO schools and are aiming for even more!

Welcome to our Kindergarten!

Our project was founded with the idea of ​​being able to connect the NFT space with education for children in need. We believe that our children are the future and it is a great opportunity to do something good for the children in some of the poorest countries in the world. We have an official collaboration with the aid organization BuildOn, which builds schools around the world. This is something we hope our community is filled with pride and joy for participating in!

We are not solely an aid organization NFT project. We believe in our community and believe our holders will have the opportunity to see the value in their KBA increase over time. The KBA team plans to provide our holders free airdropped items for our upcoming KBA 2.0 project, enriching their OG KBA token.

2022 Goals

Big Dreams - More Schools!

We love making a difference in the world through building schools for children that are less fortunate. We already funded building TWO during the start of our project and now we aim to go bigger during this year...

During 2022, we plan to build at least FIVE MORE SCHOOLS!

Once we reach that goal we will continue to write history together.

Roadmap 2.0

Roadmap 1.0 (Complete)

Post-Completion Recap of Roadmap 1.0

🍌 We sold out our collection on our Public Sale within 8 hours

🍌 We decided to increase charitable donations on our Roadmap by donating to fund building 2 schools instead of 1.

🍌 We held a community vote for where the two schools would be built and the community voted for Nicaragua and Guatemala.

🍌 We bought land in the MetaVerse for our KBA community in the Sandbox Game via our Community Wallet.

🍌 We donated 21.811 ETH to fund the building of these two schools via our Charity Wallet.

25% Sold (Complete) - Weekly KBA NFT Raffle (Ongoing)

We are currently running a weekly raffle in our Discord for verified holders and giving away 1 KBA for 52 weeks!

25% Sold (Complete) - Charity & Deposit to Community Wallet

$5k donation to charity

2 ETH deposited in Community Wallet

50% Sold (Complete) - $20k tech giveaway to KBA NFT Holders

We ran a giveaway in our Discord for verified holders with 20 winners getting 1000 USD (in ETH) each!

50% Sold (Complete) - Charity & Deposit to Community Wallet

$10k donation to charity

3 ETH deposited in Community Wallet

75% Sold (In Progress) - KBA 2.0 Project

We have big plans for our holders rolling out in Phase 2 of our Roadmap... We are working currently working on the project, more details to be announced soon.

75% Sold (Complete) - Charity & Deposit to Community Wallet

$15k donation to charity

4 ETH deposited in Community Wallet

Sold Out (Complete) - Charity & Deposit to Community Wallet

$20k donation to charity

6 ETH deposited in Community Wallet

Sold Out (Complete) - We build a TWO Primary Schools !

In collaboration with our partner buildOn we planned to build one school initially and decided we would build two schools instead, with locations voted by the community. We have now set goals for 2022 to continue this initiative.



The buildOn movement is powered by passionate people from all walks of life who are committed to ending poverty through service and education. Together, we’re breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations at home and abroad.